Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Before even considering devoting your time and capital to a business venture, give careful consideration to the points raised earlier in this part. You need only walk through the streets of any city to see business people who work very long hours for very little return. Running your own business will involve the selling and marketing of your product or service, raising finance, keeping accounting records and managing people. Although you do not need to be an expert in these areas, a certain level of skill must be either acquired or hired.

The successful establishment of your own business also requires careful planning. If you have done your homework and are confident that you have a good chance of success, then give it a go. But remember, because you are working for yourself it does not mean that your slavery is over. Rather than being a slave to someone else, you may become a slave to yourself. Making a success of your own business is hard work and you can expect to work long hours.

Many successful businessmen have plenty of money but very little time to enjoy it. Your objective is to have both money and time. There could be no better example of this philosophy than Dick Smith, Australia’s whiz electronics retailer and Australian of the year in 1987. His message is “ master your money, don’t let money be your master”.

Dick Smith started his business by selling computer wares out of his Holden station wagon. Over a 20 year period he built up the business into a multimillion-dollar company extending throughout Australasia.

He then realized the futility of having considerable wealth if he didn’t have the time to spend it, so against the advice of his business associates he sold his chain of stores to the Woolworths empire. Since then, he has made the first around the world solo helicopter flight and launched the natural history magazine, Australian Geographic.

Smith was wise enough to realize that he had all of the wealth that anyone could hope for and was able to say enough is enough . Life for Smith has just started. He is incredibly positive and bursting with enthusiasm. His new goals are not concerned with wealth; his needs have moved beyond the basic ones for a nice house, nice car and all the other usual symbols of success, onto goals of personal achievement and challenge.

By all means consider forming your own business. If you can do it well, it will enhance your financial well-being. But don’t lose sight of the fact that it is still a means to an end and not an end in itself. A slave to oneself is no less a slave.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Start your Home-Based Business

Are you interested in starting a home-based business? You may want to work from home for several reasons, including dissatisfaction with your current job, because you have small children or elderly parents that require you to be at home, or you may just need the income a home-based business opportunity can provide. Since you have come this far, you are already an Internet entrepreneur ready to take the first step in creating a steady income and implementing your home-based business ideas. You can be your own boss and generate steady income with your own home-based Internet endeavors. The first step in starting a home-based business is to develop a business plan. Researching your options thoroughly and making wise decisions can make your home-based business very successful and give you a steady stream of income, all from the comfort of your home. There are numerous business opportunities geared towards those who want to work from home. Some promise instant wealth and long lasting success for simply signing up. The truth is that any home business will require effort, marketing, and a network of contacts। The amount of work you are willing to put into your home-based Internet business is directly related to the amount of income you may earn.।

Plan each step of
starting your business carefully. Examine your short and long-term goals and plan how you are going to achieve them. Some home business opportunities are free while others require an investment. Check into free affiliate programs, free home-based businesses, and take a look at those which will need an upfront financial commitment from you। It is possible to earn serious cash from home, but you will have to commit to your business plan and follow it closely. A home-based business must follow certain guidelines. The difference is that the business is located in your home।Do not restrict what you do based on self-imposed doubt and lack of confidence। If you have an idea to start your own home-based business and are truly ready to take that step towards making your dreams a reality, then develop your plan and implement it। It takes self-discipline to plan your business and your life then work towards turning your ideas into steady cash। Make informed decisions and give your home-based business the time and energy it takes to build wealth. Distinguish yourself from the competition and you will be on your way to financial independence.

Successful home.-based businesses utilize all available resources. There are many tools and sources of information freely offered that will assist you in achieving your goals. You can find any number of tips, marketing plans, strategies, and advice from the Internet and
small business organizations. It is common for those starting an Internet or other home-based business to feel as if they are getting nowhere fast. Patience, discipline, and old-fashioned hard work are the key in creating a constant cash flow. If you have the motivation and discipline it takes, you can operate your own successful home-based business , generate the income you need, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.To your success! Good Luck

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Do you have what it takes to grow Rich?

1. Do you have a desire to learn?

2. Do you have a positive attitude?

3. Are you willing to make an effort?

4. Do you have written goals and the desire to achieve them?

5. Do you have modest spending habits?

6. Do you only buy assets that appreciate in value?

7. Do you save at least 10 per cent of your income?

8. Do you see advice but do not blindly follow it?

9. Do you behave according to your own standards rather than the standards of others?

10. Are you always looking for an opportunity to make and save more money?

When you can answer yes to all of these questions then you will be on a growth path to riches.

How Much is Enough?

The cynic will argue that there is no end to an apparent lust for wealth. If someone pursues wealth simply as a means of keeping score, then sure, the critics are probably right. If, however, achievement is for the sake of freedom, then clearly the criticism should be rejected. Wealth gives us freedom from hard work, freedom from the inevitability of the 40 hour week, freedom to pursue new interest, and freedom from the reliance on other people. The ultimate objective of each of us must surely be to spend as much of our precious and limited time on the things that we prefer to do. With this in mind, your ultimate objective must be to buy independence, just as the slaves had to buy theirs. Money is a key that releases the shackles of slavery.

But beware, you must set your own STOP point. That is the monetary level at which you are prepared to stop work and feed on the fruits of your investment.

Keeping Things In Perspective

You do not need me to tell you that you that there is more to life than money. While money is important (and the lack of it even more important) there are many other things in life equally as important. Health, family, friendship, belief in your own abilities, a healthy mental attitude and financial security are all fundamental to a full and happy life.

You should focus on each of these six areas because each is as essential as the other. It is critical that while achieving financial success, the other five areas are not neglected. How many times have you heard of a successful business person who has neglected their marriage, their children, their health, or their friendships?

The blog WISH TO RICH is not about a greedy pursuit of wealth. We all know that money will not buy happiness - but neither does poverty. Money is the key that can release you from the monotony of life and a dependence on others. With financial security you have the freedom to pursue a more balanced and enjoyable life. Our existence is fleetingly brief – money allows us to enjoy it.

The Four Steps To Financial Success

1. Establish a measurable financial goal, being the minimum lump sum of capital that will return a permanent flow of income.

2. Place a specific time frame on the achievement of that goal.

3. Develop a strategy on how the goal is going to be achieved within the time frame.

4. Progress in a steady manner towards the achievement of that goal.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

More CLICKS = More MONEY with Google Adsense

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an ad-serving program that places ads that “make sense” – specifically, that make sense based on relevant content, and assumptions about who might be interested in that content. AdSense is an application of the broader concept of Contextual Marketing. Contextual Marketing is just what it sounds like. On a website about custom cars, you might have an ad for fancy wheels or car care kits. On a website about off-roading, you might have an ad for durable truck tires or spotlight rigs. A hockey site might advertise hockey sticks…and a tennis site, tennis shoes. Contextual Marketing just means aligning the ad serving with the context/nature of the website and its audience, the same way like items are grouped in a store. And the “context” can be cut much finer than website level, it can be page level, article level, and so on, so the ads always match the material they are appearing near, and thus, appeal to the interest of the reader/buyer at any given moment.
So what’s in it for you – the website publisher/owner? That’s easy. Every time a visitor to your site clicks one of these ads, you make money. The better the ads are targeted, the more clicks you get, the more money you make. AdSense displays easy-to-read, text-based, relevant ads that don’t overshadow the content of your website or annoy visitors. Actually, you have seen hundreds of these ads yourself, as you’ll realize in a moment.
Today there are probably only a few places in your website that can directly make you money, if any. The magic of Google AdSense is this: It allows you to earn money through every page of your website.

Google AdSense, as stated earlier, is an extension of Google AdWords. It takes the AdWords concept and moves it off of Google’s search page and onto thousands of other web pages. The ads that are displayed on the websites are Google AdWords ads.
It’s good for the advertiser, who gets more and broader displays, for Google, who charge more for this program, for you, who will make money from the clickthroughs on your pages, and also for the consumer, who will see cool ads for stuff they are probably interested in!
So how exactly are you making money from all this? You earn a share of the pay-per-click amount, every time a visitor clicks on the ad. So you just need to get ads on your site…

How the Ads Get On Your Site

Once you join the AdSense program – and Google approves your site or sites, which we’ll cover in detail shortly – the actual process of displaying ads on your website is extremely simple. You are provided with a small HTML script, which you can paste anywhere on your webpage. You may paste this code any number of times and on multiple pages, and watch the ads get served! Google automatically places AdWords ads that are most relevant, from its extensive advertiser base. Google employs various sophisticated algorithms to determine the relevancy of the ads to your content.

Advantages of the Google AdSense system

Google AdSense is simple to use and manage. Once approved, displaying ads on your webpage does not take time and requires minimal technical knowledge.
Google AdSense is very smart about ad selection. The ads that are displayed are only those that are relevant to your content, and Google has strict quality control on the general quality of the ads. Google AdSense uses text-only ads. Far from being low-tech, text ads are more effective than flashy ads. The clickthrough rate of text ads is proven to be higher than that of animated ads! More clicks equals more money, and text ads equals more clicks.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

10 Reasons Why Most People Do Not Achieve Financial Success

Reason 1: Lack of “Know –How”

As our education system does not teach the art of making money it is up to you to gain the necessary knowledge.

Gaining the knowledge is not easy ; it takes time, discipline and effort. How many non-fiction books do you think the average person would have read in the last year? One? Two? Five? In all probability, none. Even a best selling non-fiction book sells in pitiful numbers, testimony to the indifferent attitude that most people have to learning.

If you want to succeed in any pursuit, be it the art of making money or whatever, you must gain knowledge. Learn by talking with those who have been successful, gain from their experience. And of course, do more of what you are doing right now. Read books or take the knowledge from web site, attend seminars and listen to tapes on education and motivation. In other words, actively pursue knowledge.

Reason 2 : Failure to set plans

Imagine a rugby game without try lines. It wouldn’t be much of a spectacle would it? Well that is exactly what most people do in life. They kick around in various directions and when the whistle blows at the age of retirement they wonder what the score was!

Did you know that only five per cent of the population set goals and only two percent have any form of written goals? Their actions have a sense of purpose- they are results orientated, they are motivated, they are positive- they are life’s winners.

Where do you want to be in five years time? What is the motivating force that gets you out of bed each morning? – and don’t say it’s your spouse! If it is because someone else is telling you to ‘get up and be here by 8.30 from Monday to Friday” then you need to set goals.

The reality is that most people do not get out of bed. They sleep throughout their day. Unfortunately some people never wake up!

Without a plan it is too easy drift aimlessly, being tempted by the many lures that marketers dangle to separate you from your money.

If you have set goals you will know what you want to achieve and you will have a good reason to say NO to the many sweet temptation that will be laid before you.

People fail to succeed because they never PLAN to succeed. It is not that they plan to fail, they fail to plan.

Reason 3 : Inefficient use of time and poor work habits

This reason for financial failure is related to poor planning. I wish I had a dollar for every time. I have heard someone say “ I haven’t got the time”. Nonsense!
Everyone has the same amount of time, it’s just that some use their time more efficiently. A good time manager can achieve up to 50 per cent more in a day than someone who manages their time poorly. In other words, a good time manager will create time by being efficient.

Reason 4: Lack of foresight

Having foresight is having the ability to predict the eventual outcome of a certain series of events well before that outcome is obvious.

No doubt you have at some time visualized a snowball rolling down an ice capped hill, increasing in size and reaching unbelievably large proportions. As it begins its decent it is difficult to imagine the accumulation effect and the proportions to which it will eventually grow.

This snowball effect is exactly like the process of accumulating riches. Save something of everything you earn and like the snowball, your wealth will grow to unbelievable proportions. Visualize that potential and the sacrifices and obstacles along the way will appear trivial.

Achievers have an ability to look beyond the immediate and into the future. Although some may see your vision as dreams, do not forget that you have to have a dream to make a dream come true.

Reason 5 : The need to conform

If you behave like the majority, you will become part of the majority. Being part of a crowd may be comforting, but it is not financially rewarding.

Dare to be different and you will be prepare to take the opportunities that surround you. It is the creative minority that seize the opportunities, and it is they who will eventually win through.

Remember all great causes start with a minority, and great achievements are done by those prepared to challenge convention.

Accept that if you are to achieve a worthwhile goal you will need to be one of the five percent who dare to be different, not one of the 95% who seek comfort in the conforming majority.

Reason 6 : Poor debt management

There is nothing wrong with borrowing money, but one very basic rule should be obeyed: the income generated from it must exceed what it costs. Unfortunately so many people ignore this very basic rule. To their detriment they borrow money to buy consumable or luxury items such as cars, holidays or household items. Not only do they have to pay interest, but the asset itself loses value.

Reason 7: Lack of desire

Desire is to achievement what yeast is to baking. Obviously if you want to become financially secure you must have the desire to achieve because desire motivates action. A strong desire will give a person confidence and they will begin looking at every situation as an opportunity to achieve their goals. Anyone who is content with mediocrity will always be mediocre.

Reason 8: Inadequate protection against unforseen events

We are all aware of unfortunate examples where a family has lost everything because of an unforseen event. It may be the loss of a home due to natural disaster, or the death or disablement of the breadwinner. Adequate protection against these events is vital to financial success. Failure to do so could see decades of saving lost within minutes.

Reason 9 : Lack of discipline

Most people find it difficult to save because they save – buy – save – buy , while others simply buy.

It is easy to spend because it is easier to say yes than no. Those who lack the discipline to say “no” will find financial success an impossible achievement.

Reason 10: Lack of action

How many times have you heard someone say “ I am getting around to it.” Getting around to it is not good enough. To achieve anything requires action.

At some point you must say “I have thought about it, I have laid my plans – now I am going to do something about it.” By breaking that goal or dream into many small tasks, the action becomes a series of small steps in an evolution rather than an immediate metamorphosis.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Financial success is:

Having enough capital to generate a permanent income flow to provide your desired standard of living.

Financial success therefore involves:

Establishing a measurable financial goal with a specific time frame and progressively achieving it according to predetermined strategy.

Permanent vs Temporary Income

In general terms you can make income by going to work yourself, by putting your capital to work or by luck.

Total income= you at work + your capital at work + windfall gain

Temporary Income

1. Salary and Wages 2. Business Profits 3. Directors Fees

Permanent Income

1. Interest 2. Rents 3. Dividends 4. Royalties

Windfall Gain

1. Inheritance 2. Marriage 3. Lotteries

Income is classed as temporary if the income flow ceases the day you cease work.
Permanent income on the other hand, does not depend on your active involvement.
It will continue to work for you for the rest of your life and can even be passed onto your beneficiaries and remain with them for their lifetime (if that capital is invested prudently).

With a permanent income flow you are free to choose your own destiny, without the hardship
of poverty.

The other main source of income is by way of benefactor or simply luck. As this is more good fortune than good management it is not discussed further.

If you were given the choice between $1000 now or $100 each year for the rest of your life which would you take?

Although you may not realize it, this is a choice you have to make throughout your life. You can either spend your income, or invest it. If you choose to invest it, the money itself creates the ongoing, and permanent, flow of income we are talking about.

The ideal is to continually invest savings so that the permanent income flow continues to increase to the point where you can break the hand to mouth cycle that most of us are cought up in.

Thinking in this way you can see that by saving $1000, you have earned yourself another $100 in permanent income for the rest of your life.

The choice is yours, spend now or invest in an income stream that will work for you for the rest of your life. Invest in that income stream and one day you will achieve financial independence and financial security.

Most of us have a feeling of inevitability about our financial destiny. We accept that we are going to have to work for the rest of our life, and some people even accept that others will have extreme wealth while they won’t. But this need not be so. Take command of your finances and command your destiny. Save so that one day you can achieve financial success. The more you dedicate yourself to increasing savings the easier it will be to become financially secure.

Your dominant desire must be to save more money. To do this, you must invest as much as you can. This will mean that you earn more, invest more, earn more, invest more, and so on, until you hit a desired wealth level. When that stock of wealth is sufficient to provide an income flow which will support your desire lifestyle, then you could retire and enjoy yourself.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that retirement is for the aged. Each of us can earn that luxury before our geriatric graduation. Remember the first dollar is the hardest to make. Having reached your first target, congratulate yourself, reflect, smirk, and then motivate yourself on to your next goal.

Monday, November 12, 2007

How to Prepare your EBook pages

Let's begin with the very first steps you need to take before you compose your E-book.If you want to have people download your E-book, there are a few rules to follow.

The purpose in following these rules is to ensure that you will send out a perfect E-book of high quality. Of course you already know that your spelling, grammar structure and link relevance should be checked twice to guarantee an excellent product.

Once your E-book pages are written (this can be in .HTML or Word), you need to compose them. Do this just like you create a web site. -Put all your pages and images in one directory on your hard disk, give it the name of your E-book, and make sure that you make a back up copy of them, in case the worst should happen to your PC system. You wouldn't believe how many people forget to make back ups, and find themselves in complete dispair when bad luck strikes.

Think about all those hours of inspiration and perspiration that get wasted! If you design your E-book pages, try to focus on being consistent and informative.

* Make it easy for your readers to navigate trough your book pages, or they will skip your material.

* Put navigation links on every book page.

* Do not use fancy colors or buttons. Or have you ever seen a newspaper or magazine with orange text on a yellow background? -There’s no need to revolutionize the way publishing is done with your E-book. :-)

* Check and re-check to see if all the hyperlinks or forms work, and if all the images show up correctly. - An often made mistake in E-books is not linking the images or banners to the right file or URL.

* Try to limit the use of images, because they take up a lot of space, and your E-book should not be too large to download.

* Put your ad banners (if you use any) at the bottom of your book pages. -Remember, never distract your readers! Once this is done, you can create an opening page. This page shows up first when your E-book gets opened.

Place your E-book title on this page, and make an clickable index of all the different pages or chapters. Now that all the pages and images are properly linked, you’re ready to compress your book pages into E-book format.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Everyone can Write

Creating your first E-book

Everyone can write an E-book, or information product, and distribute, sell, or give it away, on the Web.Ordinary people, like you and me, do it with success, and some folks (Jimmy Brown, Ken Evoy, Terry Dean -to name a few) are selling ten thousands of copies every month.Here are some of the advantages of being an E-book writer:* You have total control over your work. You are your own boss, you decide what, when and where you will write, and no publishing company or editor can put you on a dead line.* You make 100% of every E-book sale.* You decide where to promote, and how much you spend on advertising costs.* You can create as many E-books as you like, and start selling them the next day once you know how to do it.* Your E-book will sell 24/7. Even when you're sleeping, or on vacation, people will be able to buy and download your book from your web site.Does this sound attractive enough to you? I'd guess so :-)-What you need to start.It doesn't take a lot to start as a writer. You need a PC, and a text processing program like MS Word, Notepad or an HTML Editor like FrontPage.E-books are easy to distribute, and you have almost no costs to cover..Once your E-book is finished, you can make it available to the whole world by putting it on a web server.If you can accept credit card payments from your web site, you are ready to start making money.You can also let other people help you promote and sell your E-book, by setting up an affilate -or reseller- program, but I'll tell you how to do all this later.Now, before you say: "I can't write an E-book, because I never did a writing class, and I have nothing to write about", listen here...ANYONE with a passion about a subject that he -or she- likes can write. You just need to be persistent and determinated and you will succeed.If you know a lot about dogs, gardening, scuba diving, or whatever you care about, you have... KNOWLEDGE!And knowledge is what it takes to write!Sharing knowledge is a very profitable business on line, because Info-Products have proven to be the best selling item on the Web.People always have a need for information, and if you can provide it to them, by teaching them how to do things better, you will be rewarded.Here are 2 examples of how you can use E-books:* Example 1: Author Michael Webb has been married for 11 years, and he never had a fight with his wife. -At least, that's what he says :-)So, what did Michael do?He decided to write an E-book with tips on how people can improve their marriage or relationship, and called it: "50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships."Michael created a web site around his book, gave it some promotion, got noticed by the media, and his E-book soon became a bestseller.Click here to see Michael's web site: * Example 2: I created an E-book, that contains interviews with 50 E-zine Publishers. All I had to do was send the E-zine Publishers my questions, and then copy and paste their answers into an nice E-book.You can download the E-book for FREE from here: (Note: This E-book is for Windows users only, sorry Mac people.)You see, you can even write about a subject without being an expert, or without doing much study work. If you use newsgroups and discussion lists to ask other people what they do to succeed in their business, you can write from their ideas.It's better to write in your own unique style about how their tips and ideas have helped you, and if you like,you can give the people the credit they deserve.Believe me, in no time you'll have a chapter or even an entire book to share with the world.This is just an example to prove that you can write about anything.So stop being lazy and get on the keyboard :-)- About the creative process of writing.Really, you don't have to go for the Pullitzer Prize, if you start writing.On the contrary!Try to write as you speak. Be clear, and come right to the point when you make a statement. Remember, it's not about HOW you write, it's about WHATyou have to say.TIP: People love to read clear lines, and if you use lotsof white space between your paragraphs, you'll keep the readers interested.Don't forget; Keep it simple! Or even better; Keep it stupid simple :-)Now that you have your idea, you're ready to start doing the real stuff, that is... being writing :-)One more thing: before you start hitting those keys, ask yourself if there is an audience waiting for your book,or are you going to be your own reader? :-)Make sure there are people willing to read your E-book before you write it. Otherwise: DO NOT WRITE IT!Here are some tips to keep in mind when you write:* Be original. * Inject your personality into your writing style.* Use short sentences. * Use words that don't force your readers to grab a dictionary to understand you. * Put in some sort of illustration to prove your point. If you should need more tips or advice concerning the creative process of writing, here are some web sites that will help you:

Friday, November 9, 2007

How to Write an EBook

The hardest part of writing is the first sentence.
When you look at the whole project, it seems like an
impossible task. That's why you have to break it down
into manageable tasks. Think of climbing a mountain.
You are standing at the foot of it and looking up at
its summit vanishing into the clouds. How can you
possibly scale such an immense and dangerous mountain?

There is only one way to climb a mountain ? step by

Now think of writing your ebook in the same light. You
must create it step by step, and one day, you will
take that last step and find yourself standing on the
summit with your head in the clouds.

The first thing you have to do, as if you actually
were a mountain climber, is to get organized. Instead
of climbing gear, however, you must organize your
thoughts. There are some steps you should take before
you begin. Once you've gone through the following
list, you will be ready to actually begin writing your

Beginning Steps to Writing an ebook

First, figure out your ebook's working title. Jot down
a few different titles, and eventually, you'll find
that one that will grow on you. Titles help you to
focus your writing on your topic; they guide you in
anticipating and answering your reader's queries. Many
non-fiction books also have subtitles. Aim for clarity
in your titles, but cleverness always helps to sell
books ? as long as it's not too cute. For example,
Remedies for Insomnia: twenty different ways to count
sheep. Or: Get off that couch: fifteen exercise plans
to whip you into shape.

Next, write out a thesis statement. Your thesis is a
sentence or two stating exactly what problem you are
addressing and how your book will solve that problem.
All chapters spring forth from your thesis statement.
Once you've got your thesis statement fine-tuned,
you've built your foundation. From that foundation,
your book will grow, chapter by chapter.

Your thesis will keep you focused while you write your
ebook. Remember: all chapters must support your thesis
statement. If they don't, they don't belong in your
book. For example, your thesis statement could read:
We've all experienced insomnia at times in our lives,
but there are twenty proven techniques and methods to
give you back a good night's sleep.

Once you have your thesis, before you start to write,
make sure there is a good reason to write your book.
Ask yourself some questions:

* Does your book present useful information and is
that information currently relevant?

* Will you book positively affect the lives of your

* Is your book dynamic and will it keep the reader's

* Does you book answer questions that are meaningful
and significant?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you can feel
confident about the potential of your ebook.

Another important step is to figure out who your
target audience is. It is this group of people you
will be writing to, and this group will dictate many
elements of your book, such as style, tone, diction,
and even length. Figure out the age range of your
readers, their general gender, what they are most
interested in, and even the socio-economic group they
primarily come from. Are they people who read fashion
magazines or book reviews? Do they write letters in
longhand or spend hours every day online. The more you
can pin down your target audience, the easier it will
be to write your book for them.

Next, make a list of the reasons you are writing your
ebook. Do you want to promote your business? Do you
want to bring quality traffic to your website? Do you
want to enhance your reputation?

Then write down your goals in terms of publishing. Do
you want to sell it as a product on your website, or
do you want to offer it as a free gift for filling out
a survey or for ordering a product? Do you want to use
the chapters to create an e-course, or use your ebook
to attract affiliates around the world? The more you
know upfront, the easier the actual writing will be.

Decide on the format of your chapters. In non-fiction,
keep the format from chapter to chapter fairly
consistent. Perhaps you plan to use an introduction to
your chapter topic, and then divide it into four
subhead topics. Or you may plan to divide it into five
parts, each one beginning with a relevant anecdote.

How to make your ebook "user friendly"

You must figure out how to keep your writing engaging.
Often anecdotes, testimonials, little stories, photos,
graphs, advice, and tips will keep the reader turning
the pages. Sidebars are useful for quick, accessible
information, and they break up the density of the

Write with a casual, conversational tone rather than a
formal tone such as textbook diction. Reader's respond
to the feeling that you are having a conversation with
them. Break up the length and structure of your
sentences so you don’t hypnotize your readers into
sleep. Sentences that are all the same length and
structure tend to be a good aid for insomnia!

Good writing takes practice. It takes lots and lots of
practice. Make a schedule to write at least a page a
day. Read books and magazines about the process of
writing, and jot down tips that jump out at you. The
art of writing is a lifetime process; the more you
write (and read), the better your writing will become.
The better your writing becomes, the bigger your sales

In an ebook that is read on the screen, be aware that
you must give your reader's eye a break. You can do
this by utilizing white space. In art classes, white
space is usually referred to as "negative space."
Reader's eyes need to rest in the cool white oasis’s
you create on your page. If your page is too dense,
your reader will quit out of it as soon as their eyes
begin to tear.

Make use of lists, both bulleted and numbered. This
makes your information easy to absorb, and gives the
reader a mental break from dissecting your paragraphs
one after the other.

Finally, decide on an easy-to-read design. Find a font
that's easy on the eyes, and stick to that font
family. Using dozens of fonts will only tire your
readers out before they've gotten past your
introduction. Use at least one and a half line
spacing, and text large enough to be read easily on
the screen, but small enough so that the whole page
can be seen on a computer screen. You will have to
experiment with this to find the right combination.

Of course, don't forget to run a spell and grammar
check. You are judged by something as minor as correct
punctuation, so don’t mess up a great book by tossing
out semicolons randomly, or stringing sentences
together with commas. (By the way, that's called a
"comma splice.")

Last of all, create an index and a bibliography.
That's it! You've written a book! Now all you have to
do is publish your ebook online, and wait for download
request from your website visitors.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


There are three kinds of people in life:

People who make things happen,

People who watch things happen, and

People who say what happened?

Various studies over a number of decades have shown successful people to have a number of traits in common. These are : passion, energy, belief and inner confidence, networking, mastery of communication, a positive outlook, clearly defined goals and the courage to take action.

First quality : Passion.

Passion is an energizing force that enables people to bring forth their full potential.
To achieve your financial and personal goals you must pursue that goal with passion and enthusiasm.

If you do not have a passion for your ideas, dreams, job, for the product you are trying to sell, or in fact for anything you do in life, how can you possibly communicate the benefits to others so that they too become passionate and enthusiastic?

Second quality : Energy

Similarly, it is impossible to amble indifferently towards success. People need physical and intellectual energy if they are to become an outstanding success.

Third quality : Belief and inner confidence.

We must believe not only in own abilities but also in what we are doing. If we have this strong belief in ourselves then all of our energy will be focused on the achievement of our goals.

Belief in ourselves will give us the inner confidence we need to achieve extraordinary feats. We are restrained only by the limitations we impose on ourselves.

I do not need to tell you that many very ordinary people are successful: you will know of many yourself. Successful people do not need supernatural strengths, they are not destined to succeed: they create their success.

Read about the experiences of those who are successful and you will realize a person can do anything if they set their mind to it.

Why is it that children are so positive? It is because they believe( the cynic would say, innocently) that they will become what they want to become. It is only later that they realize they need more than dreams; by then many become conditioned to mediocrity.

Anyone can achieve their dreams if they are prepare to overcome the obstacles- nothing
Worthwhile has ever been achieved without hard work and effort. 95 percent of people are mediocre and will remain mediocre if they are not prepared to face , and overcome the obstacles that stand between them and their dreams.

Once you have this belief in yourself and your dreams, persistence, courage and drive required to enable you to reach your goals will develop automatically.

Successful people have the courage to do what others won’t . Consider the stories of prisoners of war who, against all odds, attempted to tunnel their way to freedom. Why did they persist with their painstaking efforts when the chances of success were so slim? It was simply the burning desire to achieve their goal and the determination to carry I through.

So it can be with you. Be determined to achieve financial success and freedom. Overcome the obstacles that lie between yourself and your target. Do not accept the idea of failure . Remember that you have not failed until you give up trying.

Occasionally you will reach what appears to be brick wall in the path of your progress. When this happens you must lift the constraints of your imagination. With the help of your family or closed friends , come up with possible solutions. Don’t restrain yourself for fear of criticism. Suggest something even if it seems crazy. Often it is the unorthodox solution that is the best.

An inner confidence comes from having faith in yourself, knowing that what you are doing will eventually lead. To the desired result. Although the first achievement may seem relatively minor, each will encourage you on to greater things. Remember that you are unique : you have your own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Fourth quality : Building a Team

Successful people also have the ability to bond with others . This is called building a team or networking. Most successful people build a support team around themselves. With a committed team all driving towards the achievement of a common goal, Success become a reality. All successful businesses are built on networks. And the same principles
apply to personal financial success. Your family is a critical part of your business team. They must be committed to achieving financial success as much as you are.

Fifth quality : Mastery of communication

Successful people are invariably masters of communication. To build the network around them they must communicate the excitement that they feel as they pursue their goals. If they communicate well their team will become as excited motivated as they are.

Sixth quality : A positive outlook on life

No doubt you will be sick to death of experts telling you to be positive. We make no apology that the lecture will be repeated here because being positive or negative will be the difference between financial growth or mediocrity.

Someone who exhibits a positive outlook, will focus on the benefits and the opportunities in any situation.

As illustration consider what you would do if you were an employer faced with the problem of dismissing an ineffective employee. A positive approach would be to discuss the matter with the person, discussing his or her interests, abilities, and ambitions and then work with them to find more suitable employment. In this way the person is not fired but assisted. The negative approach would be immediate dismissal, leaving the person in a state of uncertainty and dejection. By positively assisting others, you will not only achieve your objectives with personal pride, but you will develop warm friendships along the way.

Being positive does not necessarily mean saying “fantastic!” when someone casually asks “ how are you today?”

A positive outlook is obviously an essential ingredient for achievement in life!

Seventh Quality : Clearly defined goals

The very top achievers have clearly defined written goals.

The importance of goal setting cannot be overstated. By setting and writing down goals, you will have clear vision of what you want to achieve. You will crystallize your thinking so that you can clearly “see” the benefits. If you set yourself a deadline by which time you want to reach your target then you will have created an urgency that forces you to organize your time, effort and resources. With your thoughts expressed in writing, you will have a much deeper commitment to following through your ideas. Don’t change your goals because at first you do not succeed. Everyone makes mistakes , some costly, others merely embarrassing. But gain strength from your sets back and become more determined to succeed . A person with a positive outlook will see mistakes as part of a process of elimination.

Eighth quality : Action

Winners not only think and plan, but they actually do it! Remember that even a turtle must stick its neck out to make progress.

Action is something that you will need to take if you are to do more than simply dream of financial success. The best way to overcome fear is to do whatever you fear. Assuming you survive, you will have the courage to take on greater challenges. There are a series of hurdles to overcome, but if you shy away from one your race is effectively over.

If you develop these eight qualities listed above, you will certainly have the right attitude to succeed. Without a doubt, the greatest obstacle that prevents us from achieving our goals is the limitation we place upon ourselves. Truly, there is no limit to what you can achieve.