Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Before even considering devoting your time and capital to a business venture, give careful consideration to the points raised earlier in this part. You need only walk through the streets of any city to see business people who work very long hours for very little return. Running your own business will involve the selling and marketing of your product or service, raising finance, keeping accounting records and managing people. Although you do not need to be an expert in these areas, a certain level of skill must be either acquired or hired.

The successful establishment of your own business also requires careful planning. If you have done your homework and are confident that you have a good chance of success, then give it a go. But remember, because you are working for yourself it does not mean that your slavery is over. Rather than being a slave to someone else, you may become a slave to yourself. Making a success of your own business is hard work and you can expect to work long hours.

Many successful businessmen have plenty of money but very little time to enjoy it. Your objective is to have both money and time. There could be no better example of this philosophy than Dick Smith, Australia’s whiz electronics retailer and Australian of the year in 1987. His message is “ master your money, don’t let money be your master”.

Dick Smith started his business by selling computer wares out of his Holden station wagon. Over a 20 year period he built up the business into a multimillion-dollar company extending throughout Australasia.

He then realized the futility of having considerable wealth if he didn’t have the time to spend it, so against the advice of his business associates he sold his chain of stores to the Woolworths empire. Since then, he has made the first around the world solo helicopter flight and launched the natural history magazine, Australian Geographic.

Smith was wise enough to realize that he had all of the wealth that anyone could hope for and was able to say enough is enough . Life for Smith has just started. He is incredibly positive and bursting with enthusiasm. His new goals are not concerned with wealth; his needs have moved beyond the basic ones for a nice house, nice car and all the other usual symbols of success, onto goals of personal achievement and challenge.

By all means consider forming your own business. If you can do it well, it will enhance your financial well-being. But don’t lose sight of the fact that it is still a means to an end and not an end in itself. A slave to oneself is no less a slave.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Start your Home-Based Business

Are you interested in starting a home-based business? You may want to work from home for several reasons, including dissatisfaction with your current job, because you have small children or elderly parents that require you to be at home, or you may just need the income a home-based business opportunity can provide. Since you have come this far, you are already an Internet entrepreneur ready to take the first step in creating a steady income and implementing your home-based business ideas. You can be your own boss and generate steady income with your own home-based Internet endeavors. The first step in starting a home-based business is to develop a business plan. Researching your options thoroughly and making wise decisions can make your home-based business very successful and give you a steady stream of income, all from the comfort of your home. There are numerous business opportunities geared towards those who want to work from home. Some promise instant wealth and long lasting success for simply signing up. The truth is that any home business will require effort, marketing, and a network of contacts। The amount of work you are willing to put into your home-based Internet business is directly related to the amount of income you may earn.।

Plan each step of
starting your business carefully. Examine your short and long-term goals and plan how you are going to achieve them. Some home business opportunities are free while others require an investment. Check into free affiliate programs, free home-based businesses, and take a look at those which will need an upfront financial commitment from you। It is possible to earn serious cash from home, but you will have to commit to your business plan and follow it closely. A home-based business must follow certain guidelines. The difference is that the business is located in your home।Do not restrict what you do based on self-imposed doubt and lack of confidence। If you have an idea to start your own home-based business and are truly ready to take that step towards making your dreams a reality, then develop your plan and implement it। It takes self-discipline to plan your business and your life then work towards turning your ideas into steady cash। Make informed decisions and give your home-based business the time and energy it takes to build wealth. Distinguish yourself from the competition and you will be on your way to financial independence.

Successful home.-based businesses utilize all available resources. There are many tools and sources of information freely offered that will assist you in achieving your goals. You can find any number of tips, marketing plans, strategies, and advice from the Internet and
small business organizations. It is common for those starting an Internet or other home-based business to feel as if they are getting nowhere fast. Patience, discipline, and old-fashioned hard work are the key in creating a constant cash flow. If you have the motivation and discipline it takes, you can operate your own successful home-based business , generate the income you need, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.To your success! Good Luck

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Do you have what it takes to grow Rich?

1. Do you have a desire to learn?

2. Do you have a positive attitude?

3. Are you willing to make an effort?

4. Do you have written goals and the desire to achieve them?

5. Do you have modest spending habits?

6. Do you only buy assets that appreciate in value?

7. Do you save at least 10 per cent of your income?

8. Do you see advice but do not blindly follow it?

9. Do you behave according to your own standards rather than the standards of others?

10. Are you always looking for an opportunity to make and save more money?

When you can answer yes to all of these questions then you will be on a growth path to riches.

How Much is Enough?

The cynic will argue that there is no end to an apparent lust for wealth. If someone pursues wealth simply as a means of keeping score, then sure, the critics are probably right. If, however, achievement is for the sake of freedom, then clearly the criticism should be rejected. Wealth gives us freedom from hard work, freedom from the inevitability of the 40 hour week, freedom to pursue new interest, and freedom from the reliance on other people. The ultimate objective of each of us must surely be to spend as much of our precious and limited time on the things that we prefer to do. With this in mind, your ultimate objective must be to buy independence, just as the slaves had to buy theirs. Money is a key that releases the shackles of slavery.

But beware, you must set your own STOP point. That is the monetary level at which you are prepared to stop work and feed on the fruits of your investment.

Keeping Things In Perspective

You do not need me to tell you that you that there is more to life than money. While money is important (and the lack of it even more important) there are many other things in life equally as important. Health, family, friendship, belief in your own abilities, a healthy mental attitude and financial security are all fundamental to a full and happy life.

You should focus on each of these six areas because each is as essential as the other. It is critical that while achieving financial success, the other five areas are not neglected. How many times have you heard of a successful business person who has neglected their marriage, their children, their health, or their friendships?

The blog WISH TO RICH is not about a greedy pursuit of wealth. We all know that money will not buy happiness - but neither does poverty. Money is the key that can release you from the monotony of life and a dependence on others. With financial security you have the freedom to pursue a more balanced and enjoyable life. Our existence is fleetingly brief – money allows us to enjoy it.

The Four Steps To Financial Success

1. Establish a measurable financial goal, being the minimum lump sum of capital that will return a permanent flow of income.

2. Place a specific time frame on the achievement of that goal.

3. Develop a strategy on how the goal is going to be achieved within the time frame.

4. Progress in a steady manner towards the achievement of that goal.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

More CLICKS = More MONEY with Google Adsense

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an ad-serving program that places ads that “make sense” – specifically, that make sense based on relevant content, and assumptions about who might be interested in that content. AdSense is an application of the broader concept of Contextual Marketing. Contextual Marketing is just what it sounds like. On a website about custom cars, you might have an ad for fancy wheels or car care kits. On a website about off-roading, you might have an ad for durable truck tires or spotlight rigs. A hockey site might advertise hockey sticks…and a tennis site, tennis shoes. Contextual Marketing just means aligning the ad serving with the context/nature of the website and its audience, the same way like items are grouped in a store. And the “context” can be cut much finer than website level, it can be page level, article level, and so on, so the ads always match the material they are appearing near, and thus, appeal to the interest of the reader/buyer at any given moment.
So what’s in it for you – the website publisher/owner? That’s easy. Every time a visitor to your site clicks one of these ads, you make money. The better the ads are targeted, the more clicks you get, the more money you make. AdSense displays easy-to-read, text-based, relevant ads that don’t overshadow the content of your website or annoy visitors. Actually, you have seen hundreds of these ads yourself, as you’ll realize in a moment.
Today there are probably only a few places in your website that can directly make you money, if any. The magic of Google AdSense is this: It allows you to earn money through every page of your website.

Google AdSense, as stated earlier, is an extension of Google AdWords. It takes the AdWords concept and moves it off of Google’s search page and onto thousands of other web pages. The ads that are displayed on the websites are Google AdWords ads.
It’s good for the advertiser, who gets more and broader displays, for Google, who charge more for this program, for you, who will make money from the clickthroughs on your pages, and also for the consumer, who will see cool ads for stuff they are probably interested in!
So how exactly are you making money from all this? You earn a share of the pay-per-click amount, every time a visitor clicks on the ad. So you just need to get ads on your site…

How the Ads Get On Your Site

Once you join the AdSense program – and Google approves your site or sites, which we’ll cover in detail shortly – the actual process of displaying ads on your website is extremely simple. You are provided with a small HTML script, which you can paste anywhere on your webpage. You may paste this code any number of times and on multiple pages, and watch the ads get served! Google automatically places AdWords ads that are most relevant, from its extensive advertiser base. Google employs various sophisticated algorithms to determine the relevancy of the ads to your content.

Advantages of the Google AdSense system

Google AdSense is simple to use and manage. Once approved, displaying ads on your webpage does not take time and requires minimal technical knowledge.
Google AdSense is very smart about ad selection. The ads that are displayed are only those that are relevant to your content, and Google has strict quality control on the general quality of the ads. Google AdSense uses text-only ads. Far from being low-tech, text ads are more effective than flashy ads. The clickthrough rate of text ads is proven to be higher than that of animated ads! More clicks equals more money, and text ads equals more clicks.